Core Leadership Experience

Mission Statement

“We seek to equip the next generation with a holistic understanding of how to healthily and effectively engage in hands-on, missional ministry.”

What’s your Cause?

Have you wanted to make a difference in the world and be a part of something larger than yourself? Working for the cause of Christ is, in essence, ministry. Experiencing firsthand what ministry consists of can prepare you for your future!

What is the Time Commitment?

It’s a 11 month / 10 hours per week minimum from (July to June) missional experience that is all about the cause of Jesus Christ and His passion for the hurting, the lonely, the hungry and the lost. It is a hands on, feet on the ground, behind the scenes look into what real ministry is like. This is for 17-19 years of age.

Is it a Paid position?

YES! $12.00 per hour. (Every cause has a cost. A significant part of any ministry is inviting others to financially partner with the worker and their mission. This position will be self-funded through raising their own funds. We will equip you to gain confidence and experience the joy of stewardship.)

What will I learn from the Core Leadership Experience?

Learned people skills
Community service experience
Planning skills
Business management skills
Fundraising Experience
Confidence to share your faith with peers
Spiritual Discipline
Stewardship principles
Improved Biblical knowledge

Would you like to learn more? If you are interested, and would like an application please fill out the info below, and we will connect with you!

At this time we have available openings in Willmar and Brainerd.