Pam’s Story

My Name is Pamela Frost and I currently live in Spicer, MN and work at Paynesville Chevrolet Buick as a sales consultant.  I recently attended a Willmar Lakes Area Chamber Connection that was being held at “Youth For Christ”, where we would hear a little bit about what they do in our community.  I have to tell you, it brought back some emotional thoughts and feelings!  You see, I spent my teenage years growing up in Clara City, MN back in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. I remembered how difficult those years could be and all the trouble that a young person could get in to then….not much different than today! The only difference for me was that I became involved in the local “Youth for Christ” program. I remember the Bible Studies..The games..The  Bar-B-Q’s out at the Paffrath Ranch…The walk-a-thons! But most of all, the support of other Christian kids and leaders that brought me through a difficult growing up time and kept me on the right track. Amazing...40 plus years later and “Youth for Christ” is still a wonderful support for young people! I believe that my life could have taken a much different turn if it hadn’t been for the support of my Christian family….Thank You “Youth for Christ”!