A Thank You Letter


Just wanted to drop you a line of encouragement.  I just finished reading the prayer update you sent.  I'm excited about the two new decisions made for Christ and continue to be encouraged by these little snapshots of the work of God through West Central YFC!  I really appreciate the work you do and the time you spend with area youth. In addition, I've really appreciated that YFC provided so many opportunities for all three of my kids, who all made decisions for Christ prior to their involvement in YFC. You guys care about the future of the area's youth and have all the bases covered by providing programs for both the Saved and yet to be saved!  Fast Forward, On Call, and now, Campus Life have all been fantastic outlets for my kids to develop their talents and share their faith, as well as being sources of encouragement to grow spiritually and continue to "fight the good fight". 

Thanks again to you and the rest of the West Central YFC Staff!

Damon DiSanto

Kerkhoven, MN