Our Georgia grower has rebounded from last year’s devastating spring freeze and anticipates a fabulous crop this season! We are pleased to offer their fruit at $40 per box delivered the second week of July.  
Order by Monday, July 9
Our Colorado grower looks to be in great shape for a fantastic crop as well!  As the “Gold Standard” for our Annual Peach Sale, these high altitude beauties grow via the Palisade Produce label under the guidance of second-generation grower David Cox. He continues the unique tradition of tree ripened, handpicked fruit.  They go from the tree, to the box, to the truck in one operation. Their first stop after harvest is west central Minnesota! They epitomize freshness! Pricing remains the same at $40 a box and we are planning for an August delivery(specifics will be known later in the spring).   
Order by Monday, August 6



All orders may be placed by either return mail or through our online store.

Specific pick up details will be emailed and listed here as we recieve more details from our growers. 

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