Peach Sale

2019 Annual Peach Fundraiser

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The blossoming trees of both our growers have each in full expectation of a fantastic crop this year. We are pleased to carryover last year’s price of  $40 per box for both the Georgia and Colorado fruit.
The words Georgia and peaches just plain belong together! And for good reason! The fruit from the Genuine Georgia Group consistently please! We expect delivery the second week in July.
Order by Friday, July 5
As our Annual Peach Sale “Gold Standard”, high altitude Colorado peaches come to us via the Palisade Produce label under the guidance of second-generation grower David Cox. He continues the unique tradition of tree ripened, handpicked fruit.  They go from the tree, to the box, to the truck in one operation. Their first stop after harvest is west central Minnesota! They epitomize freshness! We are planning for an August delivery (specifics will be known later in the spring).  
Order by Monday, August 5
Questions? Call us at 320-235-0119.
In addition to the mouth-watering delight you will receive, you’ll also experience heart-warming delight because of their deeper purpose. As one of YFC’s major fundraising projects, you will provide much needed financial supply for a fantastic summer of Gospel work. Through you, hundreds will hear of God’s love in Christ. And this message glorifies God whenever it is announced!
Sounds good, right? Would you place an order today?  You’ll be glad you did!